TYTO Architects is a mid-sized architectural firm based in Yangon, Myanmar. Headed by two partners, TYTO is a recognized practice that also provides a comprehensive range of architectural and interior services. The firm has served our clients on a wide variety of projects that include single and multi-family residences, retail environments, corporate interiors, & sports and hospitality buildings and spaces.

Our commercial clients include Max Myanmar Company Ltd., Active Gym, TYW Distribution, J brothers and Kaung Sone Private School, AKL Motion Pictures, Ever Fit Gym, Plusses Financial Services. Residences include second homes, free-standing houses and exclusive residential compounds throughout Myanmar. Although the clients are diverse, they are united in their desire for architecture that is well conceived and well executed by a team of professionals.

TYTO Architects’ modernist approach to design allows for the various functions of a space to be organized and expressed, while eliminating the conflict of the untended environment. Architectural ideas are drawn from the project site and the client’s needs and desires. These then are expressed through manipulations of form and light. An interest in up-to-date building technologies and construction materials, both natural and man-made, supplement the taste of all TYTO’s designsTYTO’s work clearly presents a visual consistency based on human proportions, the exploration of light, and the thoughtful use of materials that provide remarkable physical, visual, spatial and temporal experiences.