Experienced Distributor of Pharmaceutical Products in Myanmar

THET PAING SOE is one of the experienced pharmaceuticals marketing and distribution companies dedicated to the availability of quality pharmaceuticals products in Myanmar. For more than 20 years, THET PAING SOE has marketed and distributed a wide range of pharmaceutical products from a variety of multinational manufacturers.

The technologies of science, medical science and medicine are rapidly developing and steadily advancing worldwide. To cope with the ever-volatile situation, THET PAING SOE CO., LTD has been ahead of its competitors in promoting health on the national scale by distributing quality medicines throughout Myanmar.

The vision of THET PAING SOE CO., LTD is to establish itself as a major pharmaceutical player through the pursuit of marketing excellence by the built up of a highly motivated task force and best delivery service in accordance with perfect GOPs.

It is almost 20 years that THET PAING SOE CO., LTD runs in this field of business with full enthusiasm and we, therefore, thank to those who have been working with, sharing experience, best inputs supply with the genuine professionalism.

Our motto is “Link to Well-being”. It really reflects our ambitious mission – serving as a bridge conveying quality ones for a worthwhile living.