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Suzuki (Myanmar) Motor is a branch of Japan-based Suzuki Motor Corporation. Suzuki Motor Corporation originated from Suzuki Loom Works to succeed as an international corporation company along with the subdivision of Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Co., Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd, and Suzuki Motor Corporation. The Head office is located in Hamamatsu of Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. You can find out the further information at
In regard to Myanmar, the company was established under the name “Myanmar Suzuki Motor” in the South Dagon Industrial Zone with a 70% share owned by Suzuki Motor Corporation and a 30% by the Ministry of Industry since 1998. Even though cars and motorcycles have been manufactured and sold since 1999, Suzuki Myanmar Motor was liquidated in 2010. However, we haven’t left Myanmar entirely and have maintained the company’s status with some Myanmar employees and awaited a better business opportunity.

After that, in February 2013, Suzuki (Myanmar) Motor Co., Ltd. was reinstated in the South Dagon Industrial Zone with 100% investment by Japan-based Suzuki Motor Corporation. Suzuki Super Carry Truck was distributed to the market in 2013, Ertiga in 2015 and Ciaz in 2017 respectively.

Suzuki Thilawa Motor Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 in Thilawa Special Economic Zone to produce more vehicles due to the demand of Myanmar customers. The new Suzuki Swift was launched in 2018, and the all-new Suzuki Ertiga were launched in early 2019 with great success. In 2019, Suzuki (Myanmar) Motor started the Motorcycle distribution business in Myanmar.
Suzuki (Myanmar) Motor Co., Ltd. and Suzuki Thilawa Motor Co., Ltd are now operated with nearly 400 employees and have signed an official contract with Myanmar entrepreneurs. We successfully produced and sold in the market with nearly 60 Dealers across Myanmar in 2022. We are also planning for many expansions plans very soon to build up the brighter future of Myanmar people.