Steel Master Co.,Ltd is an importer and distributer of stainless steel sheet, pipes, structural stainless steel parts, solid materials,

Piping materials, ornamental decorative patterns, furniture and household utilities, machineries and equipments for stainless steel fabrication works and various kind of stainless steel materials according to customers requirement.

We especially import from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and People Republic of China.

We also have stainless steel fabrication factory in Industrial Zone No.3 of South Dagon Township, Yangon Division. Our factory fabricates various types of stainless steel utilities and equipments; such as stainless steel sheet, water tanks, furniture, railing, verandah, gate doors, carts, accessories for cold storage, food stuff, hospital, hotels and kitchen equipments. We also make installation of stainless steel piping system for factories and interior decoration of housing project.