Poly Gold Company Limited was founded in 1997 May. Formerly it is known as Kaung Pharmaceutical Company Limited (KPC). Poly Gold is a partnership company and systematically organized according to Myanmar Companies Act Laws.

As of Dec 1, 2017, the Company sold about 130 pharmaceuticals and healthcare products marketed under various brands.

Poly Gold is one of the leading pharmaceutical and healthcare products distribution company in Myanmar. Poly Gold has a total staff of more than 130 and appoint all over the major cities. The business scope covered wholesale, retail system to customers all over the country and we also provide after sales services for the products we sell.

The objective of Poly Gold is to distribute high quality and effective medicine and healthcare equipment to needy people at a reasonable price.

We communicate and corporate with Ministry of Health, Food and Drugs Administration, Department of Health, Myanmar Medical Association and other relative medical fields. The Company also participates in medical conference, consultations and other workshops such as Continuous Medical Education (CME).

Today, Poly Gold has successfully established a leading presence in Myanmar. Several of its drugs command leading market share in Myanmar. While it continues to import foreign medicine and healthcare equipment, its long-term vision is to be a competitive leader with its own brand.