Oriental Consultants Japan Co., Ltd. (OC Japan) was established in January 2014 as a new Myanmar-based consulting firm for the purpose of providing high-quality consulting services to valuable clients in the region. OC Japan strives to satisfy its client’s needs with an approach that consolidates modern regional characteristics with effective environmental design and awareness of present and future social and environmental demands. OC Japan is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Oriental Consultant Global Co., Ltd. (OC Global) of Japan.

OC Japan has been engaged in projects in Myanmar since 2014, and is committed to providing consulting services for official development assistance, local government and private funded projects by adopting international standards and practices with total in-house expertise covering all professional activities in the sectors of architecture, energy, disaster risk reduction, water supply, transportation systems including roads and bridges, ports and harbor, railroads and airports as well as PFI projects using private-sector funds etc. In association with its parent company, OC Japan has been able to integrate total project life cycles including the entire range of consulting services from conceptual planning and feasibility analysis to the commissioning and initial operation of completed facilities for  many projects in Myanmar.