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Ongo is the brand name for Ronoc Myanmar Limited and is the leading B2B digital payment service provider in Myanmar.

Ongo’s digital payment system can significantly reduce the cash handling burden for businesses such as FMCG distributors, e-commerce sites, lenders and travel companies. It can as well provide mobile payroll to employers, negating the need to process individual cash salary payments.

With its licensing partner Myanmar Oriental Bank (MOB), Ongo App Users can use their smartphone to Cash-in (convert their cash into e-money) and Cash-out at Ongo Cash Agent locations across Myanmar. Ongo services include: mobile airtime top-up, P2P money transfer, B2B payments, bill payments, digital payroll services, and online shopping payments. In addition, Ongo Users receive rewards in their Ongo App from leading Myanmar retailers and online merchants.

Since Ongo mobile wallet was officially launched in 2017 in partnership and with the support of Myanmar Oriental Bank Limited, all Ongo mobile wallet accounts are regulated by the Central Bank of Myanmar under the Mobile Banking License (MBL) directive through Myanmar Oriental Bank (MOB). This provides Ongo Users with the security of a bank regulated account without ever having to visit a bank branch.