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Myancare, founded in 2018, is the first telemedicine app and one of the leading digital healthcare companies in Myanmar. Myancare is providing virtual healthcare services to the people across the country at resonable price. By using Myancare platform, the people from rural and remote areas who have little access to clinics and hospitals can get quality healthcare access from anywhere.

The consultation with virtual doctor visits such as text, voice and video chat are available 24/7. Patient can get online treatments from over 300 doctors including the specialists and general practitioners via app. We are connected with three private hospitals and recruited the professional doctors and experienced practitioners.

The patient can get booking with doctors anytime and anywhere and can get medical advices along with necessary prescriptions. In the near future, the doctors can give patient proper consultation by looking into patient’s electronic medical records in the near future. We are planning to put the electronic medical record in the system for the benefit of patients.

Myancare is also running Yin Thway call center who specializes child healthcare to answers the needs of mothers.