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IMM Montessori Myanmar is owned by partners, who together have over 40 years of experience running successful Montessori preschools. Our objective is to provide a quality Montessori program in an atmosphere of love and care at a reasonable cost. We understand the needs of busy parents, the demands of work and family and above all the challenges facing young families.

What is Montessori

The Montessori method treats each child as an individual. Dr. Maria Montessori considered that children develop at different speeds and should be given the opportunity to develop at their own pace.

Dr. Montessori developed a philosophy stating that each child is a unique individual and that we need to accommodate their needs. Maria Montessori was a Italian Doctor. She was a trained physician whose initial research involved observing children in a psychiatric facility. Most people thought these children were wild and uncontrollable. However, further research led Dr. Montessori to discover that these supposed wild children suffered from a lack of stimulation and were merely starved of wanting to work with materials. Her conclusion was that these wild unruly children were bored, acting out because they lacked stimulation. Giving them things to do to engage their mind not only improved their behavior, but it also improved their learning. With a little guidance and healthy motivation, children could take control of their own environment.