“Golden Peacock Real Estate” under Royal Golden Peacock Co., Ltd. (company registration number – 122084280) has been one of the most well-known and best agent in Myanmar since 2010. Which we offer the properties (eg. houses ,land, condominiums, apartments, warehouses, industrial land, …. ) of selling, buying and renting over 100,000 +++.

“Golden Peacock Real Estate” has been chosen by the client for our full service firms, ethics, experiences and expertise (profession). Our abilities in assisting our clients of buying , selling and renting of their properties have given us the loyal repeat customers and customer satisfaction.

As we are the trusted agent of the biggest banks in Myanmar which are “Yoma Bank & KBZ Bank”  we have the strong brand image of assisting the client for the bank progress for example Home Loan progress.

“Golden Peacock Real Estate” is also the sub-agent of DWG and Angel Real Estate as an authorized seller (representative seller) for Myanmar of selling foreign properties from all over the world (e.g. Thailand, Japan , United Kingdom). In which , we also have the experiences of foreign market and offer the foreign properties for the client in Myanmar.

We are also the member of Myanmar Real Estate Services Association (MRESA) which is officially recognized as the legally formed organization by the “ Union of Myanmar “ and “ ASEAN Real Estate Network Alliance “. And the member number 0189 of MRESA.