Global Assistant is focused on travel and health to provide comprehensive health services, medical assistance, and claim management services within Myanmar. Global Assistant Company Limited was founded in 2016 and is a member of Myanmar Tourist HealthCare Association. GA is the only 100% local-owned enterprise in providing cross-border medical assistance in Myanmar. The company is managed by a team that has professional teams in high mobility for ground and air assistance tasks, they can gain further assistance by deployment of the medical networks from emergency centre at the private hospitals and full support by medical professionals who have high level of understanding in apportioning and organizing with the needs of a board range of insurers, corporate organizations, and travel companies.

Global Assistant provides a range of medical evacuation services utilizing both commercial flights and private air ambulances with experienced aviation medical crews. Our medical, regulatory, and logistic experts provide customized responses based on the most appropriate and cost effective option.

Global Assistant is the physically presence service provider, not a virtual or outsourcing company so the service charges are reasonable and affordable. As we are responsive that no emergency situation or any patient is comparable we admit the importance of providing the best suitable assistance required in each case with accuracy and understanding.