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No. 174, Bayintnaung Road, (E) Quarter, North Oakkala Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Fuji Aluminium Company has established since 1994 because our official customers.

Now selling up-to-date and the best quality of Speed Roller Shutters by Taiwan technology ,Aluminium PC Roller Shutter,Steel Roller Shutter, Aluminium Concertina Doors , Aluminium Verandahs and Aluminium Grille Arts from Fuji Aluminium Company.

Now ,there have been selling not only single type shutters as before , but also the best quality and up-to-date of Taiwan technology roller shutters. As using up-to-date technique , able to up and down by controlling automatically system , sound proof way and door system , safety sensor system are satisfaction for customers.

Aluminium PC roller shutter also know as and use as facade roller shutter because of its provide the perfect combination security and visibility.Up-to-date design and advance technology will satisfied the customer.

Steel roller shutter mainly selects the high quality stainless steel tube and a guide rail assembly.The utility and generous appearance , long service life.

Aluminium Concertina Doors are the best coloring and bright, there is no rust , slippy way , block way than the other types of doors.

Aluminium Verandah and Aluminium Grille Arts were beautiful and up-to-date design, tidy & beautiful installation will be satisfied for customers’ choice.

Product of Taiwan which is the best quality of raw materials are distribution and selling in our company , but also selling with reasonable price for delegate. And able to buy the machine for Speed Roller Shutter and raw materials as customers need who is business persons of roller shutter work.