Concordia Int Co., Ltd is one of the leading Office Automation, Medical & Engineering Company

Having headquarter in Yangon, medical equipment, engineering survey equipment / instrument, GPS, material testing equipment, environmental testing equipment, electronics distance measuring devices, of office product business like copier, printer, projector, scanner and of printing service business like digital press machine are distributed with authorisation in Myanmar since 1994, as ‘Concordia International Co., Ltd’.

Medical Equipment distributed in Myanmar include imaging radiology, ultrasound, ICU equipment, ECG, ventilator, ophthalmology / eye equipment, patient monitor, patient bed, oxygen concentrator, pathology, medical laboratory equipment and setup service, home-care medical products and many others.

Engineering Equipment like project monitoring device, total station, digital level, digital theodolite, marine GPS, outdoor GPS, recreational sport watch with smart features, material testing laboratory equipment and services are included.